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 Williston One-Name Study

DNA Test: Y-DNA 200836

Test Information

  • Taken by Living 
    Test date 22 Jul 2011 
    Vendor FTDNA 
    Test type Y-DNA 
    Test number 200836 
    Number of Markers 67 
    Haplogroup E-M35 
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    Keith Williston was the key to breaking through our biggest brick wall. Much research had been done by other family members to outline our family but there were many unanswered questions and one of biggest was "Who was JBW's father?". We now know thanks to Keith's generosity and his daughter, Carol Ann (Williston) Walker, and her encouragement that JBW is indeed the child of Joseph Williston the 3rd and to Joseph 1st. That was huge for all the family to have that scientific confirmation and all doubts removed as to whether we were indeed Willistons by blood. That being said Williston by heart is special as well. This test allowed us to press on further and the Williston's of Springfield project was born. Carol Ann (Williston) Walker, Christine Ann Williston and Christine Anne Williston have been instrumental in building this project and connecting many, many cousins. Further testing by other cousins has given more proofs to the lines of JBWs children.
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