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The Williston Ancestry Website is to share and encourage research and make family connections. We are interested in the Williston name the world over and look forward to hearing from anyone with this surname. Name variants including Wollaston are of particular interest in our research in the 17th Century. We use family records, historical documents and DNA to prove our research. The site owners are descended from Joseph Williston b.1667, who lived in Springfield, MA, in Colonial North America. While this is our starting place, we are interested in hearing from anyone researching Williston or it's variants.

Feature Articles

feature 1 The Family History as we know it. There are 4 Williston patriarchs in Colonial America who's descendants can be traced with any certainty back to them. They were all born between abt.1640 and 1700, but no birth data for any of these people has ever been found in Europe or America. They are: 1. John Williston of Milton MA 2. Thomas Wollaston of Delaware. 3. Joseph Williston Sr. (1667-1747) of Springfield, MA 4. John Williston (1700-1785) of North Carolina Have they been lost in the cracks or is it a case of alternatively spelled identity?The work then becomes to pin them to likely suspects in England. We find that there are at least 6 Wollaston named variant families in England at the time. They are: 1. Willaston of Prees, Shropshire Co. 2. Wollaston of Bishop's Castle, Shropshire 3. Wollaston of Losbey and Wormley 4. Wollaston of Staffordshire 5. Wollaston of Northamptonshire 6. Walleston of Ruislip, Middlessex

feature 2 Our Williston DNA We have discovered 2 distinct YDNA families of Willistons in North America tracing back to the colonial period. Willistons of Springfield, as defined by the Y Haplogroup E are shown here. We are interested in any DNA testing to do with this line, be it MT, Autosomal (Family Finder) or YSTR and YSNP. Joseph Williston 1667-1747 of Springfield is as far back as we have gotten with this line, and we would like to get him over the pond. We have proven the linage of Loyalist John Bailey Williston to his father Joseph Williston 3rd. If you have another DNA group we invite you to share your results here to further knowledge of the path of this family.

feature 3 Family trees We have the benefit of a lot of passionate and dedicated researchers who have shared their findings and information. Over the next months and years we will build the files and data base to expand our knowledge and leave a legacy for those who follow. Family Tree Seeker will allow you to search the Willistons of Springfield tree FamilyTreeSeeker.com - search in family trees You can also search our tree at GenDex Network http://www.gendexnetwork.org/index.php

feature 4 Williston Ancestry on Facebook This Facebook page is fairly new and started with 3 cousins. It is growing everyday and a great place to connect to family and ask questions. If you ask to join you can meet up with us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Willistonancestry/

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